Why Emergency Vehicles Use Red and Blue Lights?

  • Back in the old times, people used the small spotlights to get the attention of civilians and the nearby drivers or animals. However, as technology developed every day, we are using more evolved lighting in order to adapt to a new environment that has more cars and the cities are more bright. Eventually, blue and red color was decided in some emergency vehicles, like police cars, fire trucks, ambulance, rescue vehicles, etc.
  • When you walking or driving on the road, you can notice the vehicles have Red and blue lights with a flashing mode. Have you ever wondered why these cars use red and blue lights?
  • There are several reasons that quite convinced as follows.
    • a. People always think the red used to signal some type of warning, urgency, and important things, like the traffic lights or stop signs. So you can see the red on emergency vehicles. and Red has the longest wavelength, it will disperse less and can more easily reach the eye, even in foggy weather.
    • b. Blue become synonymous with the police, you can see the color of vehicle lights, uniforms, logos, etc.
    • c. Red is the primary color in the warm color system and has a warning effect, while blue is the primary color in the cool color system, which is in sharp contrast with red and can attract people’s attention.
    • d. There is a study that shows the red can easily be seen during daylight hours while the blue is more visible at night or from a distance. So, blue and red become a combo closely.
    • e. Some experts believe the blue and red lights can alleviate problems associated with drivers who are colorblind. People who are colorblind to red can still see blue clearly. Likewise, people who can’t see blue can nonetheless see red.
  • Except for the red and blue combo, they are also flashing, which is a powerful way to get more attention, you hardly ignore them. When they are approaching, what should you do?
  • Please calm down. You just should slow down or maneuver out of the way and let the vehicle pass no matter it is a fire truck, police car, or ambulance. So they can reach their destination and respond immediately.



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