Wholesale means that a business buys goods in large quantities directly from manufacturers or distributors, warehouse them and then resells them to other businesses. Due to high-volume purchase orders, wholesalers are typically able to buy products from manufacturers at a lower price and add their margins.
LEDSIX supports dropshipping and wholesale and customized service. It offers a large range of SKUs of all LED categories at a very competitive price. If you have a large demand for purchasing goods, please register LEDSIX and get the best price.


1st: R&D team

LEDSIX factory has the R&D team including optical technician & structural technician & electronic technician & software electronic which can satisfy customers’ requirements for the new project. All of our LED lightings can meet up the homologation as customers’ country requirements.

2nd: Raw Material Control
In the LEDSIX factory local area based in SHENZHEN China, there are many raw material manufacturers and we keep a good relationship with them. We have a large and stable purchase quantity from them and they guarantee to supply stable quality material to us. They arranged a person who only responsible for our material’s production and delivery to make sure safe quality.
3rd: Workshop
LEDSIX now has high-class non-dust workshops and each worker is forced to wear clip caps and shoe covers before they enter the workshop, there is an air shower room to keep hygiene. That makes sure the work environment clean and safe.
4th: Quality Control
    4.1. QC in the workshop
    Four supervisors will check sizes, sewing, and work desks to make sure products meet quality.
    4.2. QC in packaging
    Three workers check whether the packs contain hair and dust before make packaging.
5th: Quality Complains
If any customers make quality complaints, we’ll forward them to our service team. They will report directly to our factory manager. Usually, we will hold a meeting with the production, purchasing, and packaging departments in 24 hours, and will respond in 48 hours with feedbacks and solutions.
6th: Negotiation
Usually, we contact customers by email and telephone. We also go abroad every year to different markets to visit our current customers. We’ll meet and talk face to face for a better understanding.
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