What is the Difference between the THREE Fiber Optic LED Interior Kits?

  • Fiber optic strip light, great for car interior decoration. Nowadays, there are three hot-selling models.
  • 1. Straight Line Model
    • This model is the oldest model, and you can notice the light heads are connected closely with the controller box. For example, if you choose 6-in-1, there will be 6 pcs light heads linked to the controller box(check the below picture).
  • 2. Matching Line Model
    • This model is the hottest one, which only one output line, and then this line divided into multiple lines so that can connect 4 light heads, 5 light heads, or 6 light heads for different applications.
    • Moreover, the connection between the light head and the controller box can easily plug and play. When you bought a 6-in-1 combo, but 5 light heads are enough for your car, then you can unplug one light head. This feature is pretty flexible for users.
  • 3. Wire-Free model
    • The most feature part is that there are two kinds of controller boxes. One is the main control box, which must be connected each time, another is the sub-controller boxes that will work when the light powered.
    • Some users think this model is perfect for them to DIY what they want, and they do not have to care about the wires parts.
    • So, what are your opinions? Which one is your favorite?
    • Leave your answers below or share your ideas.



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