What is a Strobe Light?

  • LED strobe light, also called stroboscopic lamp, uses an electronic method(such as programming IC with a capacitor microcontroller, etc.) to make the light flash slowly or quickly, which serves as a warning.
  • There are two different light sources of the LED strobe light.
    • 1. High-pressure gas discharge tube: There are long tubes, U-shaped flash tubes, spiral flash tubes, etc. Because of the fast flashing speed and high brightness of these tubes, they have been widely used; However, as LED technology continues to mature, it has been gradually replaced by high-power LED light sources.
    • 2. LED light-emitting diodes: The outstanding characteristics of this light source are high efficiency, power saving, and excellent brightness can be obtained with a well-designed lens, which has become the dark horse in the field of strobe lights;
  • The shape of the LED strobe light is diversified, check the following.
    • a. A fog lamp design, which can be used instead of automobile fog lights
    • b. Embedded installations, which are perforated and installed in the headlights, fog lights, and taillights of automobiles
    • d. Ceiling strobe lights that rely on magnets to be attached to the roof of the car

  • The LED Strobe Light has the characteristics of good decorative effect and strong police performance. and they have been used in police or special vehicles before, rarely used for civilian purposes. The police flashing light is a controlled item. It is widely used in entertainment venues, road traffic, advertising lighting, vehicles and ships, public security and police affairs, and other fields. The installation of this type of flashlight is permitted by the national traffic law, but it cannot be used in prohibited areas specified by the country or city.
  • So, When we can use it? and what’s the function?
    • a. Put the LED strobe light in front of high way maintenance operations to remind the drivers to drive carefully.
    • b. They will be installed in the dangerous areas where there are hidden traffic safety hazards to remind drivers or pedestrians to pay attention and avoid traffic accidents. Such as highway intersections, bends, bridges, roadside village intersections, school gates, residential quarters, factory gates, and other dangerous areas.
  • In short, the function of strobe light is to remind and warn.


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