What Colors Do LED Light Strips Have?

LED strip lights almost can be used anywhere, like the home decoration, car interior or exterior, landscape, industrial application, etc. and you can select different colors based on the applications.

Generally, we can divide the colors of the LED light strips into four categories.

1. Single Color

It is a color that is statically lit, including red, blue, green, yellow, UV, amber, white(warm white, cool white, natural white), etc.

2. RGB color

RGB strip means using red, green, and blue chips to create a variety of colors, solid color individually or emit light together to form a combination color. and only the white will have some purple hue. If adding an extra controller, the color can be changed in sequence or flashing, also the brightness and speed can adjust.

3. RGBW color

The RGBW light strip adds a white sub-pixel to form an RGBW four-color pixel on the basis of the original RGB color. The purpose is to provide LCD with the effective use of energy. Therefore, the RGBW will not have any strange hues.

4. Dream Color

The light source of the dream color strips is the RGB three-color IC chips integrated into one LED Chip, and each pixel is given a different light-emitting state through the program of the control system. So that it can achieve the effects of the whole light strips are turned on at the same time and each strip is constantly changing between various colors, such as running water, horse racing, scanning, tailing, etc. The colors are more abundant than RGB. Each of the RGB colors has 256 gray levels, and there are more than 16 million colors in total. Moreover, the dreamcolor strip lights can also display text, pictures, animation, and video through the programming of the control system.

So, do you know the difference between the dream color LED strip lights and the RGB strips? Leave your answer below or email to: fiona@huamas.com or add Whatsapp: +86 147 7503 7570.


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