Top 8 Advantages of Dream Color Underbody Strip Kits

Car modification is to modify the exterior, interior, and mechanical properties of the original car according to the needs of the car owner. There are many ways to modify your car, one of the coolest ways is to install the underbody strip lights. It will make your car become stunning and attractive at night.

As the underglow kits become more and more popular, there are a variety of products on the market. How can we find a satisfactory underglow strip light at a store or online? We recommend one available right here and list the advantages of this product for your reference.


Length: Long and flexible enough to install under your cars. Our model is including 2pcs 20inch/50cm and 2pcs 60inch/150cm, which is universal for cars, SUVs, Jeep, Van, etc equipped with a DC12V power source.

LEDs: LED light is energy-saving than incandescent bulbs, which have less pollution and viable for continuous usage. Also, LED is much brighter. and we use high-quality SMD 5050 LEDs so that can use longer.

App-Controlled: The app is easily downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store, quick connection with Bluetooth, and fast sensitivity of the App.

Dream Color: On the basis of the original RGB effect, this one is upgraded to a more gorgeous chasing effect. Built-in 120 kinds of color chasing modes, such as solid color, flash, wave, race, strobe, jump, gradual, etc. If you still love the RGB mode, it is ok, you just use the app to adjust the RGB mode. You also can mark your favorite chasing effect.

Sync to Music: This part is my favorite part, in which you can play a song, and the lights will flash according to the beats of the music. It will be more fun.

Easy to Install: A strong adhesive tape with spare mounting clips and cable ties.

Waterproof: The whole strip kit is waterproof IP 68, protected with a flexible rubber tube.

Cost-saving: Since the underglow strips last a long time, and keep a stable quality, you can save more money.

For more details, you can watch the following video or click here (underglow strip light kits) to order or contact me for any questions & assistance. Thank you in advance!


LEDSIX was built with a strong R&D team including structural technician & electronic technician & software electronic which can satisfy customers’ requirements for the new project. It would do the quickly action based on most of our customer’s OEM/ODM and dropshipping requirement.

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