Function Introduction

How to use: Turn on the switch under the lid and push the stake into the soil. These solar street lights turn on automatically at night and turn off at dawn!

Suitable for: gardens, driveways, patios, flower beds, lawns, sidewalks, etc.

Charging method: No electricity required, recharge by absorbing sunlight.

Weather resistance: IP44 waterproof, suitable for outdoor use It can work in cold winter or hot summer without worrying about damage caused by rain or high temperature, and the sealed ABS plastic material is strong enough for continuous use.


Power supply: solar energy

Material: ABS material

Voltage: 1.2V/1PC

Protection level: IP44

Size: 20.5*10.2*5.6

Battery type: NiMH batteries

Light color: warm color, white, colorful light, yellow


Please allow 1-3 mm difference, due to manual measurement.

If the product does not work when you use it for the first time, please turn on the light and leave it in the sun for 8-10 hours, the light will work automatically in the dark after charging.