How to Choose Tailgate Light Bar?


Tailgate light bars are always made of LED strips, usually have running, turn signal, and brake functions. If you are going to choose one for your pickup or truck, do you know how to find the right LED light bar?

Here are some tips for choosing the right tailgate light bar for your reference.

1. Length
Make sure the correct length you needed before purchasing a tailgate light bar that can properly fit in. For example, we have two different lengths, 48 inches and 60 inches for different vehicles.

2. Adhesive tape or hardware mounting
These are two common installation methods. It all depends on what kind of environment you will encounter. The adhesive mounting is ok whenever you are driving a car in a city. However, if you are driving on an off-road or some extreme weather, the hardware mounting will be perfect than the adhesive mounting. Considering different clients will have different needs, all our tailgate light bars will both have adhesive and hardware mounting.

3. Brightness
Brightness is NO 1 important for the tail gate light bar. and it all depends on the quality and quantity of the LED chips. Definitely, high-quality LED chips will have less lumen depreciation. and more LEDs, the tailgate light bar will be brighter.

4. Functions
Most of the tailgate light bar will have running, turn signal, and brake lighting features. Some tail gate light bars also have the reverse function with white light.
For instant:
Triple-Row tailgate light bar
One-Row tailgate light bar

If you only need the tailgate light bar without reverse lights, then buy this tailgate light bar with 5 rows, the Arrowhead styles, click here for more details:

Now, you must know how to choose the right tailgate light bar, find it at this link:


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