4 Major Factors Affecting the Life of LED Flexible Strip Lights

The LED light strip refers to the assembly of LEDs on a strip-shaped FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hardboard, which has been widely used in furniture, automobiles, advertising, lighting, ships, bars, and other industries.

Here I would like to share the main factors that will affect the lifespan of LED strips.

1. LED is an electrostatic-sensitive device. If anti-static measures are not taken when repairing the LED light strip, it will burn out the LED and cause waste. Of course, the lifespan of LED strips will not be guaranteed.

2. If the toughness of the copper wire or the flexible circuit board of the LED Strips is not good enough, it will cause the LED strips to break when it is bent. This is also will affect the life of the LED Strips.

3. The LED Strips are generally powered by a constant voltage power supply (DC switching power supply). If the output of the power supply is unstable, or there is no Surge Protection, it will output unstable voltage and current when the voltage of the external network fluctuates, which cause the LED strips work under the non-standard voltage. This way also affects its lifespan.

4. LED is a Constant current component, so the constant current effect of LEDs strips by different manufacturers is varies, the lifespan as well.

Meanwhile, please do not intentionally bend or fold when using as this will reduce its spanlife.

All in all, not only you should pay attention to choose the LED strips, but also need to strengthen the protection of the strips once got one. Do you agree?

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